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    We are pleased to continue our support of Impact One Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit  that serves those affected by breast cancer in the NOW. Impact One provides personalized essential items and support during the journey of a diagnosis onto the path of recovery. By supporting us, you are supporting women in the now.


    I started my business Make It Happen Clothes in late 2020 when the world to me (and probably you too) seemed like it was falling apart. As a student-athlete, I sometimes struggled during quarantine with my mental and physical health. It was very difficult to care and feel the need to try. When I was younger my parents always told me to Make It Happen. I created a brand that is realistic about standards. I created a brand that grows with you and motivates you to keep pushing forward. There will always be a time where you fall short, wear what you believe, and Make It Happen.


    Our purpose is to motivate people to Make It Happen. Our apparel is designed to create confidence with every wear and inspire people to achieve their goals. We were made for everyone and anyone wanting to Make It Happen.

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